A YEAR OF FREE COMICS: For those about to STICK N POKE, we salute you!

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In Stick N Poke by Tobi and Max, Mal Hassan is a girl who lives on a farm with her mom and dreams of a rock and roll lifestyle, obsessing over her favorite band, the Crawmamas. But when she gets the chance to take a job working with her favorite band while they’re on tour, she’ll get the opportunity to find out if the gig is everything its cracked up to be!

Stick N Poke

The action begins when Mal’s friend Amelie calls to say that there’s a possible gig doing social media and PR for a band. Soon Mal is heading to Los Angeles for the job interview, which goes well enough – she lands the gig!

Stick N Poke
As soon as I touched down in Old LA

But not sooner does she find out that she’s got the job than does she discover that the band she’ll be doing social media for is none other than the Crawmamas!

Stick N Poke

Soon, Mal is in the bus on the way to her first gig with the band in Las Vegas. Will she be successful managing the band’s social media, or is she going to end up a glorified roadie? And what will happen when she has to interact with the guy of her dreams, Frasier, the Crawmamas guitarist?

Stick N Poke
Mal may have a Crawmamas tattoo…

Like any good rock and roll romance, Stick N Poke depicts adult themes and situations, so this webcomic is only for readers age eighteen and older.

Stick N Poke
We interrupt these podcast guys for some Crawmamas.

In addition to reading Stick N Poke on Tapas through the link above, you can also find the webcomic on Webtoon. If you’re interested in supporting the comic directly, you can do that through the Stick N Poke Patreon page, and you can keep up with all the latest updates by following the webcomic’s Twitter account.

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