Audible and a team of SANDMAN artists bring fans’ dreams to life with “Drawn from the Dreaming”

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Earlier this week Audible released the first trailer for the upcoming audio drama adaptation of The Sandman, the Neil Gaiman-written DC/Vertigo series about the lord of dreams. Now the audio streaming service has launched “Drawn from the Dreaming,” a contest to give fans an opportunity to see their dreams illustrated by some of the original Sandman artists.

The “Drawn from the Dreaming” campaign will allow fans to submit their dreams for a chance to see them drawn by an all-star lineup of Sandman and DC artists, including Kelley JonesColleen Doran, Mike Allred, Matt Wagner, Teddy Kristiansen, Aaron Campbell, Max Fiumara, Tom Fowler, Tony Harris, Domo Stanton, and more.

Beginning today, fans can submit short descriptions of their dreams online via, or over the phone by calling 515-SANDMAN (515-726-3626) (cell phones required for this option). Entries will be open until Saturday, July 25th. The final artwork for the selected entries will be posted online on Instagram (@drawnfromthedreaming) through late August.

As far as promotions go for things, “Drawn from the Dreaming” is a pretty fun one in my opinion, and the lineup of artists involved is absolutely stellar. I’d love to see Mike Allred draw my recurring stress dream, in which I’m still in college and I’m late for a final exam that I haven’t studied for, for a class I’ve never been to before, in a building I only vaguely recognize. I’ve been out of school for 15 years and that one still pops into my head at least once a month. Sometimes I’m also naked and I have to find my clothes, which are hidden in different spots around campus. Honestly, what’s up with that, Morpheus?

Head over to, or call 515-SANDMAN (515-726-3626), to submit your own dream to be drawn as part of the “Drawn from the Dreaming” campaign. Entries are open between now and July 25th.

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