EMPYRE gets Avengers and Spider-Man-centric tie-in books

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Marvel’s first event of 2020Empyre, is fast approaching like a combined Kree/Skrull army being let out of deep space by a former Young Avenger. This of course means the requisite tie-ins are going to start rolling in with it, and Marvel has announced a handful of those tie-ins today, with an Avengers one-shot and a three-issue Spider-Man miniseries.

Empyre: Avengers #1

Empyre: Avengers #1 will be written by Jim Zub (ChampionsAvengers: No Surrender) and illustrated by Carlos Magno (Invaders), and feature a cover by Steve McNiven and an unidentified colorist. The one-shot, according to Marvel, will feature multiple groups of Avengers fighting on different fronts, including the Agents of Wakanda from the current Zub-written series on a special mission to the Savage Land.

Empyre: Spider-Man #1

Meanwhile, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will star in a three-issue miniseries, Empyre: Spider-Man, that introduces a new villain for the wall-crawler with ties to the event. The mini will be written by actor and comedian Taran Killam, illustrated by Diego Orlotegui, and with covers by Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado. The series was revealed by The A.V. Club, and will be Killam’s second work for Marvel, following this month’s Spider-Verse #4.

The tie-ins are sure to be just two of many for the event which was teased at the finale of last month’s Incoming! one-shot. A prelude one-shot for the event, Road to Empyre: Kree/Skrull War, is slated for arrival in March, as is an issue of Fantastic Four that will lead into the story.

Empyre: Spider-Man #1 (of 3) is due out in stores in April, while Empyre: Avengers #1 is slated simply to release this spring (but probably April as well).

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