Fallout 4 Vegas is a re-creation of the best modern Fallout game with Fallout 4’s engine

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Vegas <3

Fallout 4 just didn’t have the same wasteland charm as New Vegas. A lot of that had to do with Obsidian’s script and penchant for weirdness, but the setting, hardcore options from the get-go, and engaging questlines helped.

A lot of folks feel like that legacy is worth preserving, like the team that’s handling the Fallout 4: New Vegas project. In short, it’s a re-creation of New Vegas in Fallout 4‘s engine, bringing the game into even more of a modern scope, and you can get a look at the latest footage below. Think of it like a super-mod that layers on tons of other graphical mods for New Vegas.

If you’re sitting there going “New Vegas isn’t the best modern Fallout game!” well — our community disagrees.

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