Nocenti & Aja’s THE SEEDS trade paperback to be released in December

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The SeedsAnn Nocenti and David Aja‘s four-issue series from Dark Horse Comics’ Berger Books imprint, saw two issues released before going on hiatus back in 2018. Now the publisher has announced that the completed series will be released in a trade paperback later this year.

One of the first Berger Books titles announced, work on The Seeds was delayed for an unknown reason, but Aja revealed earlier this year that he’d completed work on the series. The artist has also been hyping the trade paperback for the series on Twitter lately, jokingly referring to it as “the most important graphic novel of the last two decades,” and sharing previously unseen art from the book.

The decision to release The Seeds straight to collection is a natural one, given the amount of time that’s passed since the last issue was release. In a statement regarding the release, Nocenti, Aja, and editor Karen Berger all expressed their pleasure at finally putting the series into readers’ hands:

“I’m so thrilled to finally to share our hopeful dystopian tale The Seeds with everyone. Grateful for the patience of the readers for our slow-growing Seeds. At this point the characters feel like family, even our nasty aliens. And who knows? Maybe all the world needs is a love story between an alien and a human to lead us someplace better…” —Ann Nocenti
“Maybe I can say what the aliens actually told me. They came one night, it was a big dazzling spaceship. Or maybe it was a streetlight, I’m not sure. But I heard a voice. And that voice told me “feed the naked. And buy The Seeds.”—David Aja
It’s wonderful to be publishing The Seeds, by two tremendous talents at the top of their game. It’s timely, subversive and oh-so-telling.”—Karen Berger

The Seeds is the latest series that Dark Horse has opted to take straight to trade paperback following the Diamond shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a comment on an Instagram post announcing the return of the latest Stranger Things series, the publisher revealed that a pair of miniseries which began before the shutdown, Predator: Hunters III and AvP: Thicker Than Blood, will be taken straight to trade, with a planned release in November.

Check out the cover for the forthcoming The Seeds trade paperback below, and pick it up when it goes on sale on December 23rd, 2020.
The Seeds

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