NYCC ’19: ComiXology’s con schedule is officially here!

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ComiXology released its NYCC schedule on Wednesday, just in time for Thursday’s opening events. The digital publisher is riding off of the coattails of its recent Originals lineup with signings form creators, new releases, exclusive giveaways and panels.

But, most exciting of those is the announcement of three new series, available today for free to ComiXology Unlimited subscribers. For those attending NYCC this year, ComiXology has revealed in its schedule that you have a chance to bring home a poster based on one of these three new titles; each is available to check out below.

The first is The Dark; a sci-fi graphic novel that imagines the end of man-made technology and the rise of biological tech. It’s lineup includes Mark Sable with art by Kristian Donaldson, colors by Lee Loughridge, and letters by Thomas Mauer. The poster below is done by Donaldson herself.

Next up is Forgotten Home #1. It’s the first of an eight issue series combining magic and familial drama with sci-fi, all wrapped around the disappearance of a deputy’s child. Erica Schultz writes the series with art by Marika Cresta, colors by Matt Emmons, letters by Cardinal Rae, and covers by Natasha Alterici.

Lastly is Promethee 13:13, which brings together editor Will Dennis, writer Andy Diggle, artist Shawn Martinbrough, colorist Dave Stewart, letterist Simon Bowland and cover artist Jock. It’s a stacked lineup to say the least. But there’s another collaborator on this project. ComiXology is continuing the work of Delcourt Group, “the leading independent comic book publisher in France,” to create this comic that’s also a prequel to Christophe Bec’s Promethee.

You can peruse psoters for each of these new series below, then make sure to glance through ComiXology’s NYCC schedule to see who you need to see for signings. When it comes to panels, the publisher has lined up three interesting talks exploring role-playing games, world-building and manga – all of which you can find details on at the bottom of this page.

the dark comixology nycc schedule

forgotten home comixology nycc schedule

promethee comixology nycc schedule

ComiXology Originals NYCC 2019 Signing Schedule:

Friday, October 4

1:00 PM-2:00 PM—Mark Sable and Kristian Donaldson (The Dark), Erica Schultz and Matt Emmons (Forgotten Home), Andy Diggle and Jock (Promethee 13:13) at Artist Alley at Booth #1B5

Saturday, October 5

1:00 PM-2:00 PM— Mark Sable and Kristian Donaldson (The Dark), Erica Schultz and Matt Emmons (Forgotten Home), Andy Diggle and Jock (Promethee 13:13) at Artist Alley at Booth #1B5

Sunday, October 6

1:00 PM-2:00 PM— Mark Sable and Kristian Donaldson (The Dark), Erica Schultz and Matt Emmons (Forgotten Home), Andy Diggle and Jock (Promethee 13:13) at Artist Alley at Booth #1B5


ComiXology NYCC 2019 Panel Schedule:

Friday, October 4

7:45 PM—8:45 PM Comics vs Dragons: Where Comics & Role Playing Collide Room 1A02

Role playing games of all genres and types are making a strong comeback, but did you know some of your favorite comic creators not only play these games, but also create and run them? Join our panel of secret and not so secret role-playing comics creators, Vita Ayala (Quarter Killer), Danny Lore (Quarter Killer), and Jamie Jones (Quarter Killer), as they discuss the mind-bending intersection between creating comics, diving into the make-believe world of RPGs, and how one creative world influences the other. DMed by comiXologist Ivan Salazar.

Saturday, October 5

11:00 AM—12:00 PM Building Worlds: How to Create Crime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comics Room 1A02

Ever wonder what goes into creating a new comic series and building worlds from nothing? From initial concepts to the creation of compelling characters and fantastical locales – the look and feel of Crime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy comics requires lots of thought to make these incredible stories real. Now you too can learn the secrets of comics world building from our panel of comics luminaries and masters of the craft including Andy Diggle (Promethee 13:13), Justin Jordan (Breaklands), Mark Sable (The Dark), Alex Segura (The Black Ghost) and Erica Schultz (Forgotten Home). Join us for this far reaching conversation no budding creator can miss! Moderated by comiXologist Ivan Salazar.

Sunday, October 6

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Manga Ikimashou! – LET’S GO MANGA! Room 1A02

Are you a comic fan, but are also interested in anime and manga, but don’t really know how to dive in? WE’RE HERE TO HELP! Join comiXologists Ivan Salazar & Jose Sagastume as they ask an amazing panel of Manga professionals & aficionado, like Misaki Kido (Kodansha Comics), Erica Friedman (The Comics Beat), and Seth Burn (Anime Herald) to recommend the best of manga past and present. Tell us your favorite comic, movie or TV show and we’ll give you a manga to match. Whether you’re a long-time or budding manga fan, this is a panel you won’t want to miss!

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