Robert Venditti taking over JUSTICE LEAGUE from Scott Snyder this February

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Robert Venditti (HawkmanFreedom Fighters) is set to take over Justice League from series writer Scott Snyder, who plans to depart the book with January’s #39. Venditti will be joined by artists Doug Mahnke (SupermanDetective Comics) and Aaron Lopresti (Death of HawkmanDamage), with inkers Jaime Mendoza and Matt RyanBryan Hitch will be drawing covers for the run.

The news comes from Venditti’s Twitter account, as well as today’s solicitation material that you can find below.

Venditti’s work lately has been exceptionally strong. His run on Hawkman is the best work he’s ever done as far as I’m concerned, and his Freedom Fighters maxi-series scratches a war comics itch that I’ve neglected as of late. Both of these books tackle history and legacy in unique ways, so I’m looking forward to him taking on these mainstay characters.

The book remains biweekly which is disappointing. Since Snyder and his team will be concluding what would have been a years-long story in less than a year thanks to that schedule, a monthly schedule with a consistent art team is something DC should aspire to so readers, and artists, can have a break. Mahnke and Lopresti do good work but their styles aren’t exactly similar, with the latter providing more of a wide-screen, superhero look than the former.

I suspect this may just be a fill-in story until DC enacts its 5G doomsday protocol… but I digress.

Check out the recently-released solicitation of his first two issues of Justice League.



cover by BRYAN HITCH

card stock variant cover by ARTHUR ADAMS

The next chapter for comics’ premier superhero team begins! An unexpected arrival from the stars brings a dire warning to the Justice League: A new breed of conquerors is on the march. Led by Superman’s nemesis Eradicator, a genetically engineered, super-powered strike team has come to subjugate Earth. To aid the Justice League, Batman makes the unprecedented decision of enlisting an ancient, unrivaled power, which calls into question who, exactly, is in charge. With the League on unsure footing, will they be ready to save the world?

ON SALE 02.05.20



cover by BRYAN HITCH

variant cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL

Invasion of the Supermen! Eradicator and his strike team sweep across Earth with devastating consequences. The Justice League finds itself battered and overwhelmed by an enemy more powerful than even Superman. Batman and Green Lantern plan a counter assault, but it can’t work without the Flash, whose connection to the Speed Force has become unpredictable and possibly fatal. With the team at half-strength, will it be enough to hold their enemies at bay?

ON SALE 02.19.20



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